Sunday, 23 October 2011


3rd time lucky in terms of making it to the start line this year. A murky day, not cold, not really raining but yes wet and claggy. I'd recce'd the 2nd half and was confident from Bowfell onwards and not having time to recce the 1st half thought I'd be ok in terms of navigation on this part anyway given the long strung out fellow racers and the route seemed self explanatory. What I hadn't studied was the severity of the 1st climb, it took me by suprise and in the grand scheme of lakeland races not as severe as some but today it caught me out. I was knackered by the Esk Hause shelter check point and the horrible traverse over to Bowfell saw me throwing the teddy out the cot. It was a bad day at the office. No energy, no grip, no sense of humour. Bowfell came and went in a blur and the dreaded climb up Pike O Blisco was a trudge where only humming a tune made it seem slightly less horrific!
It was auto pilot from there on in for the LONG run back to the
final checkpoint where the Bowland support crew were ever present. I ran in with Ian and it was nice to have some company on the final furlong for what had not been the best run I've ever done. I vowed on finishing NEVER AGAIN and said if I even thought of entering next year, shoot me.
hmmmm - wonder if I'll remember that?!

Don't believe the photo's it's sheer exhaustion - not enjoyment on the face!


  1. Hi Emma,

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  2. or insanity? ;)
    (bet you came top 3 to boot!)